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Plywood Hexagon speakers

Our iconic Hexagon Speakers are hand crafted from reclaimed materials, reimagined and refined to create a sonically simple shape that emits sound to transform your space.

These unique speakers use upcycled timber from packaging and events exhibitions. We Reclaimed JBL tweeters/Bass driver crossover from top of the range a Control 47LP from a premium retailer restoring them to their full potential.

Impedance - 8 ohms
Power Rating - 150 Watts Continuous Program Power (75 Watts Continuous)
Transformer Taps - 60 W, 30 W, 15 W, (& 7.5 W @ 70 V)

If you want a bespoke build there can be lead time of up to 2 weeks.

Because we use reclaimed materials and independent crafts people we can only produce a limited number of this object - This object was created in a run of 6 of which 2 are still available. Please see your branded plaque for authentication.

450mm width x 360mm depth x 390mm height

Available to commission, rent, purchase, and cohabit.


Concept Object - Sound & Vision Studio/Shop