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OBJ02 is Maddie Moolark’s small scale homage/remaining of one of the heritage designs by Vitavox, the Biotone a legendary british speaker that set the president for sound throughout the heyday of audio engineering -

Inspired by OJAS’s Art-Book shelf speakers, their simplicity of design and clarity of sound, They embarked on testing a range of JBL/Biamp/B&C coaxial drivers to find pairs that match with the OBJ.02 cabinet, with this back catalog of drivers enabling them to create different sound/spec for your concept object depended on your budget and environment

Using terracotta pink is a contemporary nod to the pallet of the1950’s a soft but stand out horn finish

We produce new OBJ.02  in editions of 6 - contact for past samples or future drops. . 

-  Upcycled timber from events exhibitions

-  Reconditioned JBL or Biamp drivers from hospitality  

-  Painted and polished

OBJ.02 example spec 

Impedance - 8 ohms / 4 ohms - Power Rating - 75 Watts Continuous /  200 Watts Continuous  -  65 hz -22kHz / 28 hz - 22kHz


OBJ.02 Dimensions

260mm wide x 260mm deep x 260mm height x 2

Our preference is that you listen before purchase - please contact us for location that use Concept Object

Available to commission.  - Enquire <-

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