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Maddie Moolark designed around the demand/limitation of the OBJ0.1 by linking with the OBJ.03 cabinet to create a larger canvas for sound.

This larger object  opens up the opportunity to have one object focused on higher frequencies and another on lower, with the rigid structure OBJ_01 being able to host up to 10” driver and porting.   


The OBJ01 was born from sculpting concrete and casting clay, exploring forms that add sound and vision to space.

After crafting and curating a range of simple shapes they went on to collaborate with carpenters on cabinet designs exploring finish and density to refine acoustic qualities and embarked on testing a range of JBL/Biamp/B&C coaxial drivers to find pairs that match with the OBJ.01 cabinet.

Their design process is still evolving as they grow their knowledge and network, with testing and reference with Armstrong Audio and a network of audio enthusiasts adding their input and tuning skills.  There will be new interaction on the OBJ.01 all hand crafted from reclaimed materials and the support of independent crafts people to produce limited runs.

We produce new OBJ.01 in editions of 6 - contact for past samples or future drops. .


OBJ03 is Maddie & Moolark’s  full scale homage/reimagining of one of the heritage designs by Vitavox, the Biotone a legendary british speaker that set the president for sound throughout the heyday of audio engineering -

They were Inspired by the sound/style of OJAS’’s Art-Book shelf, and in search of OJAS style simplicity of the insulation and clarity of sound they have amassed a range of coaxial driver that can be split to pair perfectly with the OBJ.02-03 adding a new efficiently to a form inspired by the past.    

Using terracotta pink is a contemporary nod to pallet of the1950’s a soft but stand out horn finish

-  Upcycled timber from events exhibitions

-  Reconditioned JBL or Biamp drivers from hospitality  

-  Painted and polished

OBJ.01 example spec 

Impedance - 8 ohms - Power Rating - 75 Watts Continuous -  65hz -22kHz

OBJ.03 example spec 

Impedance - 5.6 ohms - Power Rating - 200 Watts Continuous - 34 Hz - 18 kHz s

OBJ.04 example spec 

Impedance - 4 ohms - Power Rating - 250 Watts Continuous - 22 Hz - 500 Hz


OBJ.01  Dimensions

450mm width x 360mm depth x 390mm height

OBJ.03  Dimensions

530mm wide x 310 deep and  530mm height

OBJ.04  Dimensions

750mm wide  x 310 deep and 530mm height


Our preference is you experience before purchase - please contact us for location that use Concept Object

Available to commission.  - Enquire <-

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