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£700.00 — £1200 Sold out

We are collaborating with Caledonian Audio to bring you hand crafted integrated audio stereo valve amplifier based on a tried and tested design. Constructed using single ended topology, this stereo valve amplifier produces around 3 Watts of pure valve audio output power – perfect for small to medium sized rooms.

Because this is a bespoke build the casing can be custom made to suit your interior, this also means there is a lead time of 2 weeks.

Power output : 3W at 8Ohm
Input sensitivity : 0.8 Vrms
Valves : 6BM8 / ECL82 triode / pentode valves
Topography : Hifi Stereo class A single ended integrated audio amplifier DIY kit
Output : 4/8/16 Ohm speakers output impedance selectable on output transformer
Power supply voltages: (220/230/240/250VAC) or (115VAC) or (230VAC) supporting most mains supply voltages
Input resistance : 100kOhm
Frequency characteristic : 26Hz – 40000Hz

290mm depth x 330mm width x 90mm height

Available to commission, rent, purchase, and cohabit.


About Us    Contact    ︎
About Us    Contact    ︎