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£700.00 — £1200  

We purchased this Vitavox corner speaker from a lovely family whose uncle had run a jazz club in central London. We stripped it down, removing the veneer ready to be varnished and painted. There is something remarkable about seeing all the joining of the cabinets built in the 1940s; the wood has aged over nearly 100 years to become very dense. We love the rear ports on this object, funneling the lower frequencies up the corners of your room, bringing a natural-sounding bass into your space. We have been looking at the design for our larger Concept Object installations. Always learning from the past to build a more beautiful sounding future. Now fixed up, we would love to see this in a venue, so the sound is shared. Is anyone opening up a Bar/cafe holla?

Available to commission, rent, purchase, and cohabit.


About Us    Contact    ︎
About Us    Contact    ︎